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Propose purchases for our collection! We'll ask for your library card number so we can get in touch with you if/when we purchase your suggested item.

Suggest a Title

Titles we are most likely to consider:

  • Published material from the last two years that we do not own
  • Books, ebooks, magazines, music, movies, and video games that will interest the community

How do we select material for our collections?

We consider many things before purchasing items. For instance:

  • Will there be some demand?
  • Are there good reviews in journals, newspapers or other sources?
  • Does it fill a gap in the collection?
  • Are the subject, format, and style suitable for a public library?
  • What is the reputation of the author, publisher, or label?
  • What is the artistic merit?
  • What is the price of the item and the available budget?

What if the title was published more than two years ago?

If the title was published two or more years ago, please try our Interlibrary Loan service