Teen Booklists

Are you looking for further reading on a certain topic? Have you finished a good book and are wondering what to read next? Staff members at the library have put together lists of materials on themes you might enjoy.


cover imageBooks for Teens featuring Indigenous Characters
These books include characters from numerous tribes of Canada, the United States, and even New Zealand. In many books, the Aboriginal characters take centre stage, while in others, they play important supporting roles.

rainbow readsRainbow Reads : GLBTQ material for teens and families
Teen Novels, Non-fiction books and DVDs with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Content.

cover imageShorter Fiction for Teens
These books are short with very good stories. They are good choices for people who like shorter books, new English learners, and anyone who likes a good story.

Saskateen Goodreads PageSaskateen Goodreads Page
For more great reading suggestions, check out the Saskateen Goodreads page!

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