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Resource Lists: 


cover imageBooks for Teens featuring Indigenous Characters

These books include characters from numerous tribes of Canada, the United States, and even New Zealand. In many books, the Aboriginal characters take centre stage, while in others, they play important supporting roles.

book coverCanadian Authors of Young Adult Literature
Here’s a sampling of some Canadian YA authors along with a representative title. For a full list of Canadian YA authors and all their works, see HowNovel, an in-house database maintained by the Young Adult Services of the Saskatoon Public Library.  

cover imageGuy Books
Here are some books for teens and anyone else who like to read about guy main characters.

rainbow readsRainbow Reads : GLBTQ material for teens and families
Teen Novels, Non-fiction books and DVDs with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Content.

cover imageShort Fiction for Teens
These books are short with very good stories. They are good choices for people who like shorter books, new English learners, and anyone who likes a good story.


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Zombies, Aliens and Dystopias:

Cover image
From Divergent to the Hunger Games: teen dystopias
With the upcoming film version of Divergent, and hot on the heels of the success of The Hunger Games books and films, we wanted to share some other notable teen books about creepy futures... and the teens who strive to survive in them.

cover imageNew Teen Horror Books
Make it Halloween all year-round with these teen horror books. This is classic, Stephen King-style horror - scary houses, crazy killers, and things that go bump in the night. No vampires to be found here, sparkley or otherwise.

cover imageOut of this world: teen books about aliens
In these books, aliens are everywhere -- invading our planet, disguising themselves as humans. Some of the books show aliens as dangerous threats, while in others, they serve as metaphors for the differences between humans.

cover imageZombie books for teens
These recent teen books show all sides of a zombie apocalypse. Some are about zombie hunters, while others are from the point of view of the zombies themselves. Most of these books are the first in series, so if you like what you read, there's more braaaaains where they came from.


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Issues Books:



cover imageAddicted: books about drug and alcohol abuse
These books about addiction are honest, frightening, and utterly real.

cover imageBad Romance: books about rape, slut shaming, and sexual assault

The characters in these books, both boys and girls, are dealing with issues of slut-shaming, bullying. Many are also dealing with the after effects of rape and sexual assault. These books can be resources to help facilitate discussions on these topics.

coverBooks about cutting and self-injury

These books about cutting and self-injury are brutal, honest, and utterly compelling. 

coverBooks About Suicide
Each of these books is by turns honest, tragic, heartbreaking, uplifting -- and even sometimes funny. Want to start a conversation about teenage suicide? These books will give you lots to talk about.

cover imageBooks about teens with disabilities
The kids and teens in these books each have a disability, either physical or psychological, but these books show there's much more to their lives than just that.

coverDay of Pink: Books about bullying
These books vary in subject matter -- from the survivors left behind after a bullied teen commits suicide, to stories of survival and triumph over being bullied, to stories from the point of view of the bullies themselves.

The Fault in Our StarsDeath, Illness and Loss

Books about death, illness and loss (sometimes referred to as "sick lit") feature teens facing their own mortality. While each has its funny moments, we suspect each of these books might make you cry. 

cover imageLockdown: teens in jail, juvenile detention, and other places with no escape
Some of these prisons are realistic while others are futuristic. But what these books have in common is that these teens are trapped -- not just behind bars, but often inside their own minds as well.

coverLocked down: books about school shootings
These books approach the topic of school shootings from various points of view: some from that of the survivors, some of witnesses, parents, and even some from the shooter's point of view. 

covre imageRemember Me?: teen books about amnesia and memory loss

Seems like lots of teen books about teens with memory loss are coming out these days. Or maybe they have been for awhile... I can't remember... 

cover imageSocial justice books for teens

The people in these books deal with global issues of social justice.

cover imageTeen books about the military

Some of these books are about young men and women on the front lines. Others show what happens after they come home. And some are about the people left behind when a loved one is in the military.

cover imageStarving: Books About Eating Disorders

These books delve into the minds of boys and girls effected by anorexia and bulimia. Their stories take them to very dark places, but many of these books end up in the light.




cover imageTeen Books About Gangs and Urban Life

These books take an honest look at some of the issues faced by urban teens, including drugs and gangs. 



Teen Moms and Teen Dads
cover image

Teen pregnancy effects more than just the teens -- these books explore how teen mothers and fathers cope with new responsibility and choices, as well as how their choices effect their family and friends. 



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Survival Stories:


If you find meLost and found: stories of kidnapped teens
Some of these books are from the point of view of the victims, some of the family or friends left behind, and some tell the stories of the kidnappers themselves. Some take place in modern day, others in the far future, and others in the past. What all of these books have in common are strong main characters, suspenseful plots, and stories of teens, lost and found.

cover imageSpies, assassins and other girls who kick ass

The teen girls in these books are variously experts at lockpicking, poisons, hand-to-hand combat, and even murder. You can just imagine all of them running in slo-mo in a pair of really awesome boots.

coverTrapped! Books where teens have no escape
Some of the teens in these books are trapped in familiar locations -- a school, a mall -- while others are trapped in unusual places like a barn or the moon. Zombies lurk outside of some of these spaces, while in others the threat is coming from within. What these books all have in common is the everyday courage of teens pushed to the breaking point... with no escape. 

cover imageWould You Survive? Teen Survival Stories
There's nothing magical, futuristic or zombie-related about these books: these are teens trapped in all-too-real settings, who must rely on their wits alone to make it out alive. 


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Classic Stories, Retold:


JaneNew Versions of Classic Stories
You think you may know some of these classic stories - Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Romeo & Juliet - but these teen books give them each a contemporary spin that shows just how timeless these stories really are.

glass casket coverTwisted Fairytales
Check out these books that put a twist on classic fairytales.

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Sci-fi and Fantasy Stories:


Halo (Halo, #1)Books about angels and demons (and sometimes both)
While these books involve supernatural characters, human characters play an important role. The regular world becomes a battleground and, sometimes, a place for these unearthly creatures to find love and forgiveness.

cover imageBooks about clones and human engineering

While many teens deal with identity issues, the people in these books have got a whole different set of problems from your average teen.

cover imageFantasy books for teens

Though often grouped together with science fiction, fantasy books have no basis in science or our current world. Magic and magical creatures abound in these stories, but the experiences and emotions of the teen characters are still very similar to our own.

cover imageGLBT Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books for Teens

These books take place in worlds not quite like our own, showing that GLBT characters are truly universal. Check out our Rainbow Reads list for even more great books with GLBT characters.

cover imageHistory with a twist: paranormal historical fiction for teens
These books combine a rich historical setting with something a bit off-kilter: ghosts, vampires, werewolves and sometimes even Death itself. 

Lies beneathNot-so-little Mermaids
Following in the tradition of supernatural romances featuring vampires, werewolves, and angels - mermaids seem to be having their moment to shine in these recent YA titles showing that no amount of cold water can dampen these passionate mer-teens!

cover imageParallel worlds

These books split their stories (or sometimes their characters) in two, to show the differences when one person experiences two (or more) different universes.

cover imageSuperhero fiction

If you're already a fan of superhero movies or comic books, why not try one of these novels? 

Teens and time travelTempest (Tempest, #1)

These recent books - and one classic - show the many different ways teens can travel through time. 

coverWitch Books for Teens 
These witches show there's more to them than pointy hats and brooms... actually none of them have pointy hats (though some use brooms).


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Historical Fiction:


cover imageNew Historical Fiction for Teens

While many recent teen books combine history with something magical, these books present straight-up history - no zombies, vampires, or time travel. 

Ladies in waitingScandalous Historical Fiction

These historical fiction books are great for fans of TV's Downton Abbey and Reign, or anyone who likes their history with a touch of scandal, glamour and romance.

The book thiefWorld War and Holocaust Books for Teens
Stories of teens involved in World War 1 and World War 2 continue to enthrall new generations of readers. These books put faces to teens in these tragic circumstances, and ensure that new generations will remember the sacrifices of the past. Here are some recent titles in this genre.


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Contemporary Teen Stories:

cover imageBoth sides now: teen books with two (or more) narrators
Sometimes, you don't realize how much you need to trust a book's narrator... until you're confronted with another narrator, or two.

cover imageChristian Fiction for Teens

Christian fiction is a popular genre that includes many different types of books -- the books on this list include science fiction, adventure, romance and humour. Here are some recent Christian fiction YA books you might enjoy. 




cover imageCults, Polygamy, and the Rapture: books about teens having a crisis of faith

The teens in these books are caught up in religious groups who may not have their best interest at heart... or do they?

cover imageGo Online: teen books where the Internet plays a major role

The Internet plays a major role in each of these books. From anonymous romance to blogging to online gambling and cyberbullying, these are problems that could only take place in the Internet age.




Let it snowHoliday and Winter Break Books for Teens
We've got you covered for wintry reads -- whether you're looking for a heartwarming holiday tale, a hard-edged dystopia, a tale of winter survival, or anything in between!





The Lovely BonesYou Only Live Twice

These books tell the stories of people who died... but that was just the beginning of their story. 




cover imageMore Guy Books
Looking for more books with guys as main characters? Once you've read through our first list of guy books, give some of these recent titles a shot!

Mysteries for teenscover image
These recent teen mysteries involve anything from spies to paranormal activity to murder. At the centre of each is a determined teen out to find the truth -- proving these detectives aren't so unlike the original teen sleuth, Nancy Drew.


PerfectPoetry in motion: novels written in verse
Have you ever read a novel written in verse? They tell a full-length story, but each chapter or page is its own poem - allowing the authors to capture the images and feelings of every moment. 

Click for more informationActing, singing, dancing: teen books about performers
Some of the teens in these books live their lives on centre-stage as actors, singers and dancers, while others prefer to stay offstage. Whatever their role, these books combinet the drama of high school with the drama of... drama!

ChopsticksTeens in Love
These tender, sometimes hilarious, and always touching books are great for teens and adults alike! 

ShelterYA Books by Adult Authors

OK, so most authors of teen books are adults, not teens. But these authors are best known for their adult fiction - only recently have they begun to try their hand at writing for young adults! 

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Zombie survival guideMonster guides for the newly bitten (and those who slay them)

Whether you're a newly bitten werewolf, vampire, or zombie -- or you want to learn how to fight werewolves, vampires, and zombies, we've got you covered.

book coverStranger than Fiction: the lives of real teens

These true stories of the lives of real teens show people facing great adversity and are often stranger than fiction.

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E-Books and Audiobook:



Across the Universe.Downloadable audiobooks for teens: Dystopias, sci-fi and fantasy 
Have you tried borrowing eBooks from our online collection, Library2Go? There are so many options, we thought we'd help you out with this list of sci-fi and fantasy books. The titles listed are all available as mp3, and will work with Apple and other mp3 devices.

An abundance of KatherineseBooks: Contemporary Teen Fiction
Have you tried borrowing eBooks from our online collection, Library2Go? There are so many options, we thought we'd help you out with this list of contemporary teen fiction to try! (Remember, you can always borrow these in book format, too!)

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Books For Older Teens:



Tempest"New Adult" books
New Adult is an emerging genre that tells the stories of people between adolescence and adulthood -- the main characters are usually in their late teens to early twenties, either just graduating high school or already in their college years. 



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