Can't Find It?

We do our best, but sometimes we won't have the title you're looking for. If this happens, we have a couple options for you. 

1. Suggest a title for us to purchase

Suggest a Title

2. Request the item from another library

Interlibrary Loan Request

How It Works

  1. Make a request
  2. We will respond to your request within three days of receiving it
  3. We notify you when your request is ready for pick up, at any SPL location, free of charge.

All you need is a Saskatchewan Library Card.

Related Facts

  • We already buy popular and bestselling authors, musicians and DVDs getting positive reviews
  • If we don't have a book, microfilm, or magazine article in a Saskatchewan library, we will do our best to get it from another library outside of the province
  • We love eBook suggestions! Send them our way.

More Information

For information on how our Collection team decides on materials to include in the SPL collection, please see our Collection Development Policies page. 

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Email us at [email protected] and we'll help you out, or fill out our online comment form